About Our Team

We are a tour operator comprised of a group of friends who are all guides.

We are dedicated to serving our customers and protecting our natural resources.

Royer Muñoz


When Royer was born in Dos Brazos del Rio Tigre on the Osa Peninsula in 1982, the small village was known for gold mining, hunting, and deforestation. Conservation was not common practice yet in Costa Rica at that time. In 2002 he started working in the tourism industry and found his love in guiding people and showing them the beautiful nature of his home – the Osa Peninsula! He met many different travelers from all over the world, who loved nature, and Royer and other people of the Osa started to appreciate and value their surroundings more and more. Royer is 100% a naturalist and conservationist in his heart and daily life.

Luis Fletes


Luis was born and raised in Puerto Escondido, in 1991, into a family of farmers of palm plantations. In 1995, his mother started working in INBIO as a researcher and Luis as a child began to go into the forest with his mother to help her with her job. It was from that time where he began to be interested in nature, even in school he was interested in patricilar workshops or talks related to everything that had to do with nature and the protection of it. Then when he finished high school, he started to train as a tourist guide. Now he says he realizes that he has the best job, and he loves that he’s able to show to interested people all the natural resources that this country has to offer.

Rolando Muñoz


Rolando grew up on the country side on the Osa Peninsula in a large family. From a very young age Rolando learned how to help cultivate his families agricultural land. Later on he did more landscaping for tourism places (hotels, lodges) and his passion to work in the tourism industry began. At the same places where he started landscaping he got the opportunity to learn how to be a guide. He learned to appreciate nature even more and how to live in harmony with nature. He is exited to be a guide, which is the perfect profession for him !

Andrey Gonzales Villalobos


Andrey was born on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in 1990, is fluent in both Spanish and English, and received his Naturalist Guide Certification in early 2010 at the age of 20. Having spent the greater part of his childhood and adult life on the Osa Peninsula, Andrey takes great pride and responsibility in preserving the incredible biodiversity that is found there, especially within Corcovado. Andrey has always been passionate about conserving nature, and began attending environmental classes at an early age. Not a day goes by that Andrey isn’t excited about what he does, and he truly looks forward to sharing all of the magnificence that Osa has to offer!

José Angel Calderón Trejos


Jose grew up in Dos Brazos of the Rio Tigre on the Osa Peninsula – a community known for gold mining, deforestation, hunting and agriculture. He learned and practiced agriculture with his family. Deforestation and hunting was never important to him, and he always had great respect and admiration for nature. Today he is proud that he was never involved in hunting nor deforestation, and that he can now show to tourists from around the world the true value of the protection of natural resources.

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