Hike a beautiful forest right next to the National Park

This hike is a popular alternative to Corcovado National Park

Details of this Tour


Day 1

La Tarde is a wonderful forest that holds great biodiversity – right at the border of our Corcovado National Park.
The beautiful and well-designed trails lead you through primary forest. Of course you’ll be accompanied by one of our experienced guides who will be able to show you hidden and camouflaged wildlife which you would probably not see.
Enjoy a delicious lunch typical of the area after the first morning hike. There is incredible birdwatching in this area which is best to do in the early morning and late afternoon.
After the first day hike you’ll stay in a nice Bungalow in La Tarde, where you can shower and relax and wait for the sunset. After the sunset you can continue the hiking at a night walk in the rain forest around La Tarde. You can see frogs, snakes, and a variety of insects while walking along a small creek.

Day 2

You can hike from La Tarde to Los Patos, one of the Corcovado Ranger station. You can also enter the park at that point and enjoy the hiking trails around Los Patos. Lots of hidden wildlife lurks behind the trees – which the guides will happily point out to you! Then you’ll be taking a walk back along a river with beautiful scenery ..Be preapred to have an adventure and an unforgettable experience in La Tarde!

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