Ficus Tours

We will take you on a journey to discover Corcovado national park and osa peninsula.

Ficus Tours is located in Osa Peninsula in the South Pacific of Costa Rica—the home of astonishing Corcovado National Park with 2.5% the World’s biodiversity and more than 50% Costa Rica’s biodiversity. It is one of the last remaining tropical forests on the Pacific Coast.

Ficus Tours is a local tour operator. It is locally-owned by a group of environmentally-friendly, nature-loving wildlife guides, who love to show the wonders of Osa Peninsula: its flora, fauna, gorgeous landscapes and the secrets of the tropical rainforest—and of those of the whole country as well—to the rest of the world

You Can Find In Corcovado:

Bird Species
Species of Amphibians and Reptiles
Species of Mammals

Gorgeous landscapes with rivers, mangroves and lagoons make up a magnificent ecosystem.

We invite you to visit the Osa Peninsula and discover our natural beauties if this your first time; and we encourage you to come back if you have been here before.

About Our Team




Born in Dos Brazos del Rio Tigre in 1982, a miners’ town surrounded by nature where conservation was not practiced in any way, he grew up amid deforestation, mining and poaching.  In 2002, he began to work for the tourist industry. This changed his life dramatically since he met travellers from all over the world who loved nature.   Nature has taught him how valuable, important and interesting the natural world is.



Born in Puerto Jimenez to a family of farmers that planted their own crops and kept domestic animals like cattle, pigs and chickens—a combination of subsistence livelihoods—Flor grew up in La Balsa of Puerto Jimenez, a place surrounded by nature.   For this reason, she has great admiration, love and respect for the natural world. She felt so grounded in this area that she refused to pursue a career in the city that would keep her away from the place she loved the most.  Therefore, she did administration of tourist enterprises to stay in the area.    Later on, she started FICUS CORCOVADO TOURS with her family and friends. She now owns this business in partnership with Roger.   

Flor enjoys helping tourists put together the best experience in Corcovado and Osa Peninsula.