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Dos Brazos de Río Tigre is one of the places where more gold has been extracted in Costa Rica, the extraction began in the 30s until now and although this seems contradictory, this way of life is what helped Dos Brazos de Río tiger to preserve the forests because in the 1950s the government gave people permission to seize land that was without an owner so that they could start working and the country could produce more. It was here when a large amount of forests was destroyed in Costa Rica, but in El Tigre people are dedicated to the oreria and in this way the residents survived without having to cut down so much forest to plant agriculture and many people still live from the oreria and the vast majority of the forests remain the same.
Dos Brazos de Río Tigre is a place worthy of admiration for its beautiful nature and its rich history. For these reasons and many more, we have thought of developing the oreria tour so that people have the experience of a way of life of many brave people. that with their work at the same time they keep nature almost intact.
The tour consists of a demonstration and participation of the artisanal extraction of gold and at the same time the tourists have the great opportunity to know the gold, by the way, the purest in the whole country.

Duration: 3 hours (the tour can be accommodated at the time that the client prefers as long as a guide is available for that time)
It is a recommended tour for all ages


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