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Sirena was the place where most pioneers settled in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s before the creation of Corcovado National Park.

Sirena Station is mostly surrounded by secondary forests, which allows for the highest concentrations of wildlife in comparison to the other Corcovado stations. Secondary forests provide a great deal of food to wild animals. These wooded areas host a great diversity of fruit-bearing plants, thus increasing the chances of watching many animals.

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Boat access from Puerto Jiménez

We leave Puerto Jimenez at 5:30AM.  The tour starts with a 25-minute ride across Golfo Dulce and a beautiful sunrise; the rest of the tour is across the Pacific Ocean, arriving at Sirena at 7:15AM.

Once at Sirena, the walk across the forest trails in search of the greatest quantity of animals begins.

Sirena is a biological station with six passable trails.

Day 2

Day 2, is the best time to discover the wonders of Sirena Station and go for a hike.

During the day, a network of six trails will lead you to witness a great number and variety of wild animals. During the dry season, you can take a refreshing swim in Claro River and then go down to the beach to watch the sunset.    

Day 3: Exit through Carate on foot

A 7-8-hour hike through forests and beaches in which visitors will be able to see a great deal of wild animals and gorgeous landscapes throughout the hike.

30% of the hike is done along the beach and the remaining 70%, across a secondary forest.

There are two points between Sirena and La Leona that must be crossed over at low tide. For this reason, there are times when we have to slow down or pick up the pace, depending on the tide. Your tour guide will set the pace of the walk.  

During the dry season, air humidity must be taken into account since this may affect some people that are not used to it. However, this inconvenience is completely manageable.

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